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Get to know how to fix DBF files from visual FoxPro and evaluate free version of DBF Fix Toolbox (Download Free) to evaluate its fix file DBF engine. Thanks to the small size of download filefix DBF, the ease of its database restoration engine is available to anyone, regardless the Internet connection in use.

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Besides, the .DBF fix tool does not use Internet connections during the process of database analysis therefore it guarantees the confidentiality of database analysis in all instances of corruption.

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After the end of fix DBF download, DBF Fix Toolbox users may start evaluating and look through the list of available features:

  • the safety of fixDBF download permits opening this software in any environment without the loss of privacy for processed databases;
  • automatically rebuilds the structure of database files in DBF format without modifying the additional settings of DBF Fix Toolbox;
  • supports any version of DBF file to be analyzed, parses database files of any size and regardless other provisions;
  • does not allow some kind of changes in database restoration algorithms and automatically sets the performance of database analysis to its highest performance;
  • supports corrupted database files under MS Windows 98 and older, supports FoxPro, Clipper, dBase and similar programs;

DBF Fix Toolbox is issued by the professional software team development of Fixtoolbox.com so its users may start analyzing DBF files with the highest efficiency. Unlike it is not freeware or open source, free version of DBF Fix Toolbox is available to anyone for evaluation purposes for as long as you need. The support of its users is provided within 24 hours and there are no community forums like GNU General Public License (GPL) solutions. However, some features are closed, please donate to the development team of DBF Fix Toolbox to remove all restrictions of demo version

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Other capabilities:

How to Fix DBF files from Visual FoxPro?

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